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Welcome to Aubry's Angels Rosary Garden information page. On our Blessed Mother's special days throughout the year, you are invited to come pray a rosary together with others in the community. Please click on document Aubry's Angels Rosary Garden League (1 MB)for an introduction to Aubry's Angels League. You will find the special days listed on the second page of the article or may consult the bulletin for dates.

Aubry's Angels Rosary Garden is the fulfillment of a dream by a 15 year old, remarkable young woman. Aubry Williams was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 12. She fought valiantly and stubbornly. She faced a huge challenge with grace, dignity and a remarkable courage. However, God had other plans and called her home three years later. Aubry had a dream of an outdoor rosary garden where people could come close to God and the Blessed Mother any time they were in need, whether that need was sorrowful or joyful. Through the diligent work of an amazing team named Aubry's Angels, a wishful thought, the thread of a dream, has become a prayer fulfilled.

This beloved project has come to fruition from the generous donations of time, talent and treasure of our Catholic community. Aubry was a member of Christ the King Parish and while the garden is "housed" on the south end of the grounds, the funding is independent from the parish. We welcome all to sit and share the spirituality of the garden.

Aubry's Angels spent two years planning, revising plans and fundraising before breaking ground. Throughout the process we have felt the guiding hand of the Blessed Mother and Aubry, especially when specific needs were encountered. Our first need was to find a site for the garden. As we scouted the campus of Christ the King, two sites presented themselves; east of the parking lot or the south side of the grounds. We initially opted for the east side of the parking lot. As we presented our plans to Father Pete O'Sullivan, we learned that there were other plans for that space but we could put the garden at the south end of the campus. Blessed Mary apparently did not want her garden to the east! Our second need was to decide on the statue for the garden. We looked at many statues and found one the entire committee liked, however, the cost was $35,000, which was WELL outside our budget. One of the committee members was looking at a religious website for a project she was working on and was drawn to the "statuary" tab. She found a marble statue of the Blessed Mother on sale, within our budget and meeting our wants of Mary with a rosary looking down at her children. Another need was how to put the rosary into the path of the garden. We wanted to put granite stones in the concrete path but the cost would have dropped our coffers more than we could reason acceptable. Once again, Mother Mary and Aubry found a way to meet this need. Penwell Gabel Funeral Home had planned to pull up a granite walkway to lay concrete in its place. They donated the granite and a parishioner donated his time, talent and stone cutting blades to cutting the circles for the beads in the pathway. As you can see, this is a project guided by heaven.

Aubry was a young woman who always smiled and had a way of uplifting people. She had an adventurous spirit, a loving heart and connected with her community in ways that instantly endeared her to those whose lives she touched. With this garden and the help of Jesus and the Blessed Mother, she is still sharing her loving heart and connecting us with heaven. Please come visit, sit quietly for a few minutes, hear the voice of Mother Mary and feel the hand of God.

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