CTKEEC Job Interest Application



We are not just a team...



 Because We Work Together.


 We Are A Team Because...


We Respect, Trust, & Care for Each Other! 




And Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Become A Part of Our Team!!


What makes you want to work here?

“I enjoy working with children and watching them grow. I enjoy the friends I have made.”


 “I want to work at the EEC because I want to give each child that comes through my room a head start in their education.  I want to support their emotional, personal, academic, physical, and social development.  It warms my heart to see a child smile, the progress that they make, and the hugs I get from them. I feel that I have accomplished something when I am a positive role model to all my students.”



“I want to work at CTKEEC because of Dawn and her leadership team’s focus on best practices for young children, and support of this superior staff.”


 What would you tell potential employees about CTKEEC?

“No matter how well everyone knows each other, we are family.  We’ll be there for each other no matter what.”


“No matter how staff members may feel about each other when a staff member is need of emotional or personal support, everyone comes together as a family and give their support.  EEC staff are very caring individuals who are pretty good at letting each other know what a good job they are doing.”


“This is the place to be because of the high quality of families and staff. It’s a good place for children.  Your top priority will be the children.  Every day will be different because you are working for the children. So be flexible and go with changes.”

Contact Information

Name Dawn Brown
Phone 272-2999

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