General Information


No gum or candy is permitted unless they are provided by the catechists Respect the rights and property (desks) of others. Listen to and follow directions. Use “walking feet” at all times in the hallways, in the rooms and outside the building.

Hats, iPods and any electronic games or toys are not allowed and should not be brought in the building. Cell phones may be brought but must be turned off. We only have 1 hour for each class to teach the students and would appreciate all of their attention during the hour.

Before and After Class:

Upon entering the school, K-4th grade students should go directly to their class designated sign in the foyer. Students 5th through 8th grade should go directly to their classroom. Students should not be dropped off before 6:15 pm. Please pick up the students promptly at 7:30 p.m. Children K-4 must be picked up in their classroom or in the hallway where their class meets, by a parent, guardian or older sibling. This is to ensure the safety of the children while they are under our responsibility.  Grades 5-8 may leave the building, but we ask that there be no running out in the parking lot or around the church or school. One of our concerns with the drop off/pick up is the safety of your child while they are in our care. As the weather gets colder, it will be very important for all the students to stay inside until their parents arrive. There will be no students wandering the parking lot without knowledge of their parent/carpool ride being there. Any student not picked up by 7:40 will call home. Drivers should exercise extreme caution both in leaving children and picking them up after class. Children are often excited and not paying attention to what is happening around them. The flow of traffic during RE becomes very congested, please be aware of this and of pedestrians.

During Class time:

* Come to class prepared and ready to learn.

* Respect the rights and property of others.

* Listen and follow directions.

* Walk at ALL times in hallways and in classrooms.

* Do not disturb items that are in each classroom or daytime student’s desks.

Church Etiquette

On Mass days, please enter through the church doors and depart through those doors also. It is important for students to show respect while they are in Church. Please dress appropriately. Please enter the church respectfully and quietly. Use soft voices except when praying and singing in a normal tone of voice. Mass/ Song books are to be used for singing or following the Mass. After mass is completed, K-4th grade must wait in the pew for their parent or older sibling to pick them up. No gum or candy should be brought into church. Parents, please review with their child as age appropriate the proper guidelines for receiving Communion. Always enter church quietly and respectfully. Hands and feet are to be kept to oneself.

Christ the King Catholic Church Religious Education Program is designed to build a community of Faith and develop strong Catholic Values by utilizing the Be My Disciples catechetical program. Incorporating the updates to the Roman Missal, Third Edition, Be My Disciples offers engaging lessons that lead young disciples to higher levels of moral thinking and a deeper initiation into a life of prayer. Through exploration, discovery, and decision-making, children are invited to accept the challenge to follow Jesus and learn and practice the skills needed to be active disciples. 
Be My Disciples shares the Christian story using reflection on Scripture and doctrine, plus a prayer celebration in every class and during all the major seasons of the Church year. It initiates children into the community of faith and challenges them to discipleship.
Be My Disciples teaches, reinforces, and extends knowledge of Scripture, Catholic doctrine, and the Church year every year in every grade through RCL Benziger’s unique spiral structure. Parents are a vital part of the student’s spiritual development as their faith formation initially begins at home. Since parents are the primary educators of the students, please be aware that there will be a need to have occasional parent meetings throughout the year for those entering Sacramental Preparation for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

Program Day and Time

Wednesday evening class sessions are offered for each grade level, Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Session times are 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Classes begin in mid September and conclude on the first Wednesday in May.


Policy: Students should meet attendance guidelines in order to proceed to the next formation level of catechesis. If you must be absent for whatever reason, please call or email: Church Office: 785-273-0710 (leave a voice message)Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Students preparing for a Sacrament (2nd and 7th/8th grades) should miss no more than three classes in the sacrament years.

Fees and Stewardship

A registration fee is charged to help offset book and supply expenses. The fees are $80 for the first student,$160 for the second student with a maximum $180 per family. Please contact the Religious Education Director if you find it difficult to pay this fee.

Students with Special Needs

Please contact the Religious Education Director if you have a child with special needs. After discussion with the Director, it may be necessary for the parents/guardians to have someone (18 or older) attend classes with their student. These children are a wonderful gift from God, yet it may be difficult for a catechist to give them the attention needed and get the required elements in a lesson covered in a classroom situation.


Parking is permitted around the Church grounds. No parking will be permitted directly in front of the grade school. This will allow a safe “drop-off” zone and will be observed.

Bad Weather & Cancellations

Generally, during inclement weather, if schools in USD 437 school district are dismissed, the RE sessions will be canceled as well. It will be posted on the web site: . If in doubt, tune into the television channels below:

KSNT TV (Ch. 27) WIBW (Ch. 13). You may also check web site.

If severe weather develops after 4pm, please use your own judgment to decide whether or not to attend the RE session for that evening.


Every student has a right to a safe, positive learning atmosphere, a well- prepared catechist, mutual respect between all present, and an appropriate level of self-control. To foster these rights for every student, we have adopted the following policies for conduct and disciplinary action in the Religious Education program.

In the event disciplinary action proves necessary, the following steps will be taken:

Discipline problems will be first handled by the Catechist teacher. If the problem persists, the Director of Religious Education will speak with the parents. All disruptive behavior will be documented. If the behavior directly affects another student or teacher, a written apology could be required. Parents will be called if disruptive behavior continues consistently and parents will be asked to attend Religion classes with their child. If parents have been called and the disruptive behavior continues, the student may need to have a meeting with the pastor, their parents and the Director of Religious Education.

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