Perceiving the growth of Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish and the southwest area of Topeka, Archbishop Ignatius Strecker established Christ the King Parish on November 1, 1977. This new community of faith began with 585 registered families. Father John B. Yadrich was appointed pastor. Along with the first Parish Council, he immediately began making the Parish a community.

The first Mass for Christ the King parishioners was held at the former Capper Junior High at 19th and Hope. After a year, the liturgies were moved to Hayden High School. During the two year stay at Hayden, parishioners worked toward a building for Christ the King. On July 20, 1980, Archbishop Strecker blessed the newly constructed Parish Center, and the first Mass was offered there.

Within four years, Christ the King had grown to 850 registered families. Because of rapid growth, plans for the construction of a church were moved ahead of schedule. Ground breaking for the church was held July 29, 1984. The church, joined by a common foyer to the original Parish Center, has seating for 900 with additional seating for 50 in the chapel. Archbishop Strecker dedicated the new church on September 8, 1985.

In January 1989, plans for a new education center began with the appointment of a Data Committee and a Facilities Committee. The Parish at this time had grown to 1200 households. The Data Committee gathered information from parents of prospective students, and the Facilities Committee visited various schools and administrators regarding the building. In 1993, the architects Gary Karst and Mark Franzen began working on the building specifications. Completion of the building took place August 1995 with the dedication on August 6 by Archbishop James Keleher. The building as of November 1997 served 310 students K-8 and 90 Early Education students newborn – 5 years of age.

Since the establishment of the Parish in 1977, fifteen priests have served the Parish. Father John Yadrich was the founding Pastor from November 1, 1977 until September 27, 1988 when he was transferred to Saint John the Baptist in Kansas City, Kansas. On September 28, 1988, Father Norbert Lickteig was appointed Pastor. He served until July 2003 when Father Peter O’Sullivan was appointed Pastor. He served until July 2013 when Father Mitchel Zimmerman was appointed Pastor. He served until July 2016 when Father Matthew Schiffelbein was appointed Pastor. At present, Father Carter Zielinski serves as Associate Pastor. Past Associate Pastors have been Jaime Zarse, Father Joseph Chontos, Father Michael Stubbs, Father John Toepfer, Father Mick Mulvany, Father Craig Maxim, Father Tom Melchior, Father Michael Kantanka and Father Sylvester D'Souza.

There are now over 1927 households in the Parish.


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