Wedding Schedule

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for pursuing the sacrament of marriage here at Christ the King.  We are excited for you and want you to pray and celebrate the best liturgy possible, after you have prepared your mind, heart and body for the sacrament God has chosen for you!  Thanks for your openness and obedience to this personal call from Christ to participate in, and to imitate His love, in the most fruitful exchange that is the sacrament of marriage.

The two shall become one!  You are preparing to call down the Holy Spirit upon each other and to create a new reality.  The guidelines provided here set the stage for this most meaningful exchange of your life.  It is also the Church's sacrament, which she has a responsibility to safeguard and to celebrate with the highest dignity.  Our guidelines are strong because the sacrament is so rich and your words so powerful!  Nothing but the best will do! Click here for  pdf CTK Marriage Booklet. (1.08 MB)

Once you review these policies, you will meet with a priest at Christ the King to agree to the marriage preparation process, to do initial paperwork, to set planning dates and to make the necessary deposits.  You will then be able to confirm the date and time of your wedding.

We look forward to meeting with you. Again, congratulations!

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