Provide Meal at the Rectory

Every Wednesday & Thursday, Hospitality Member(s) provide a meal for Fr. Matthew and Fr. Zelinski.  This meal is dropped off by 5:00 pm at the rectory.  There are some dietary restrictions for Fr. Matthew.  This info is on a separate card for you to take home.  To sign up to bring a meal, go to this website:

Wednesday & Thursday Meals to the Rectory

Meals for Fr. Matthew & Fr. Zielinski are to be dropped off at the rectory by 5:00 pm. on Wednesdays & Thursdays.  I can give you the code to enter through the front door.  Food can be put in the refrigerator or kept warm in the oven.  There are also crock pots available for use.  Leave a note letting them know what you have brought for them and where it is.   You can transfer your food to containers there at the rectory, if you don't want to bother with going back to pick up your containers, or bring food in disposable containers.  Containers will be left on the counter in the garage to be picked up within a couple of days.

Fr. Matthew's Food Restrictions

NO:   Beef, Pork, Milk Products: (milk, cream, butter, condensed soups, cheese... check labels for milk products, do not use coconut milk) substitute:  Almond Milk, Lactose-free margarine.

Enjoys:  Chicken, Brown Rice, Turkey & Ground Turkey, Veggies, Seafood (especially Salmon), Fruits (especially Pineapple)

Recipe's that Father Matthew likes:
     Caramelized Leeks
    Lemon Muffin Gluten Free Breakfast Casserole
     Tomatillo Salsa
     Peanut Butter Balls
     Pumpkin Dessert

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