Financial Reports

Annual Reports

Our fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30 each year, in conjunction with that of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas.

The Finance Office performs all of the accounting functions for the Church, School and Early Education Center. This includes management of all financial transactions, record keeping, budget preparation and reporting. Fiscal year annual reports are available approximately October each year, following the fiscal year. Please visit the Annual Reports link for past annual reports.

        2016-2017 Annual Report

Here is the slideshow from the 2017 Town Hall Slide Show 

pdf 2015-2016 Annual Report (11.78 MB)

Here is the slideshow from the  pdf 2016 Town Hall Minutes (1.73 MB)  
Here are the pdf Questions and Answers  (39 KB) from 2016 Town Hall

pdf 2014-2015 Annual Report (4.93 MB)

Here is the slideshow of finance and parish information that was shared at the Town Hall Meeting held on October 26, 2015:  pdf October 2015 CTK Town Hall Presentation (946 KB)  
For the notes that were taken, please click:  document October 2015 CTK Town Hall Minutes (19 KB)

Campaign Reports

 As the Parish holds campaigns, the details and reporting for those campaigns will be available at the Campaign Reports link. 

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